Employees of public banks question the need to report for work amidst crisis

The staff rightly feel that since services can be availed online, there is no need for all the employees to go to office, that too when public transport is not available.


Employees of public banks seem unhappy with the current arrangement, where they are required to go to office even during the lockdown period. Not surprisingly, they are questioning the need even as almost all facilities are available online. Most of the bank branches remain open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and customers are being encouraged to stay at home and avail all services online.

The current situation has rendered all public transport idle, and has only added to the displeasure of those bank employees who have to commute to work every day.

These employees allege that they are being deprived of leave under such serious circumstances. While they do not completely disagree with the need to go to work even during the lockdown, they seek less number of working days in a week, and that too, with minimum staff coming in. Operations will continue to run smoothly as the customers are availing all services digitally.

Workers blame the management for not taking any decision regarding special leave or any other incentive for them. They are demanding that they be shown some concern.

However, few public banks have put in place appropriate measures for the benefit of their employees. State-run public banks, such as Syndicate Bank and Indian Bank have announced special leave for their employees. At Syndicate Bank, all visually impaired, pregnant and physically-challenged employees have been granted special leave with pay. Syndicate Bank has restricted all forms of non-digital modes of banking, such as ATM, branch banking and door-step banking and may even temporarily suspend them, if the need arises.

Another PSU, Indian Bank, will grant paid leave to employees who test positive, until the treatment is over. The Bank has also partnered with a few hospitals for preliminary consultations for employees with symptoms.

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