Forced shutdown of Blinkit Delhi NCR dark stores

The protests have caused inconvenience to customers and have highlighted the challenges faced by companies operating in the gig economy.


Blinkit, a quick commerce platform owned by Zomato, has been facing opposition from its delivery partners in the Delhi-NCR region. The delivery riders have been protesting against the company’s decision to reduce the payout for each delivery from Rs 25 to Rs 15. 

This has led to discontent among the delivery partners who feel that their earnings will be significantly impacted.

The ongoing protests by delivery riders have resulted in the shutdown of some of Blinkit’s dark stores in Delhi-NCR. The company has reportedly closed over 100 dark kitchens in the region for the last few days due to the ongoing strikes. In a text message sent to the affected delivery riders, the company stated that it was forced to take the step of shutting down some of its stores permanently as the workers had not reported to work for the past 3-4 days and talks with them did not yield any results.

As a result of the ongoing protests, several customers across Delhi-NCR have faced issues with the Blinkit app as it was shown as ‘temporarily unavailable’ due to ongoing maintenance. The company has disabled all the IDs of the affected riders.

The delivery partners feel that the reduction in the payout for each delivery will considerably reduce their earnings. They have been demanding that the company reconsider its decision and increase the payout to the earlier rate of Rs 25 per delivery. The protests have disrupted Blinkit’s operations and have caused inconvenience to customers who rely on the app for quick delivery of food and other essentials.

The ongoing protests by delivery riders have caused significant disruption to Blinkit’s operations, resulting in the shutdown of some of its stores in the Delhi-NCR region.

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