Gigforce, the staffing platform, raises $2 million in funds

The funds will be used to enhance its technology and have 50K active “gigers” by end of 2022


Gigforce, the on-demand staffing platform, has received a fresh infusion of funds to the tune of $2 million from Meraki Labs. With this latest investment, the total raised by Gigforce till date amounts to $6 million!

The platform plans to use this investment to further enhance deep technology and build strong analytics for on-gig performance. As a result, the hiring process will be improved and “giger” (as Gigforce refers to gig workers) satisfaction will be ensured as there will be productive engagement for “gigers”.

Chirag Mittal, co-founder and CEO, Gigforce, reveals how the expansion of their team size by more than 2.5x “reflects our growth trajectory to grow bigger and better”.

With “stalwarts from industry continuously joining our leadership team across various functions”, the Company aims to achieve 50,000 active “gigers” by the end of 2022. In about three years, Gigforce hopes to achieve over a million active “gigers”.

Mridu Jhangiani from Meraki Labs is confident that the “gig economy will solve India’s burgeoning unemployment crisis in a way that caters to the aspirations and overall wellbeing of gigers”.

Gigforce will “leverage technology to create a strong ecosystem to ensure that the benefits are equitably distributed and at scale,” said Jhangiani.

The gig-tech startup operates a platform that enables gigers to sign up digitally on its user-friendly Gigforce app interface. This helps “gigers” with their documentation, selection of gigs and payments for their services.

Gigforce is also trying to bring benefits such as insurance, quick training, doctors-on-call, and micro credit on its app. It is hoped that this seamless full-stack approach will improve the experience of earning as compared to other typical job-search platforms.

The proprietary payment processing tech built for processing high-velocity payments is especially designed for the gig ecosystem. The platform can process daily payments to gig workers with complete transparency, speed and ease.

Anirudh Syal, co-founder and CPO, Gigforce, reveals that within ten years, “India will have more than 90 million gig workers working through tech platforms”.

This huge opportunity cannot be served by force-fitting conventional job-tech stack. Only a specially designed gig-tech stack, such as Gigforce, can “create a better experience than any permanent conventional jobs,” says Syal.

Based out of Gurugram, Gigforce was launched by Mittal and Syal in 2020.

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