27 years of perfect attendance for what?

Not only was the Burger King employee himself disappointed, netizens who saw the viral video of him opening the 'goodie' bag, wished he would quit and find a better employer


After 27 years of hard work and perfect attendance, an employee looks forward to being rewarded for his service. While Kevin Ford, an employee at Burger King did receive a reward in the form of a goodie bag, when he excitedly opened the same, the contents disappointed him. It was just that — a goodie bag with kiddish stuff.

All those who saw the video of him opening the bag, were truly shocked at the contents and wondered whether employers truly deserve this level of sincerity from their staff.

The video, which went viral, shows Ford opening his reward, the bag of goodies,which contained chocolates, candies and pens. Netizens were deeply disappointed with how Ford was rewarded, for reporting to work every single day for 27 years, with what some called ‘a bag of crap’ or a bag of ‘…whatever was lying around office’.

The message that came across is that thirty years of sincere service amounts to almost naught.

Some tweets wondered why Ford’s employer could not have gifted him at least a second-hand car for not missing a single day at work, while others wished Ford would quit and find a better employer.

The 54-year old employee is presently working as a cook and cashier at the Burger King outlet at airport at Las Vegas.

In sharp contrast, earlier this year, Ideas2IT, a Chennai firm, had rewarded 100 of its employees for showing loyalty for a decade, with a Maruti Suzuki car each!


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