50,000 employees subscribe to Capgemini’s ESOP

This was the 9th annual shareholding plan of the Company


At least 50,000 employees from the 29 participating countries subscribed to Capgemini’s ninth annual employee stock ownership plan or ESOP. With an employee subscription rate of 128 per cent, the round was a huge success.

The global company presently has about 3.5 lakh employees in its workforce, spread across 50 countries. The Group posted global revenues of 18 million euros in 2021.

The ESOP was aimed at associating employees with the development and performance of the Group, and represents two per cent of the Group’s issued share capital. It will contribute to maintain Capgemini’s employee share ownership at the end of the year, that is, about eight per cent of the capital.

Aiman Ezzat, chief executive officer, Capgemini Group, drew attention to the fact that “the sheer scale of this plan demonstrates once more the trust employees place in Capgemini’s strategy, ambitions and growth trajectory”.

This annual ESOP “is a key tool to share with the employees the value they contribute to creating, and an important attractiveness element for current and future talent in a competitive landscape.”

As per the terms of the ESOP, 3,500,000 new shares were subscribed at a unit price of 145.25 euros corresponding to 87.5 per cent of the reference price of 165.99 euros (as determined over a period of 20 trading days before 3 November, 2022). The corresponding capital increase of 508 million euros is scheduled for 15 December, 2022.


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