6 months of parental leave for Googlers

The IT giant has decided to offer more time off for vacations, and also increase caregiver leave, to ensure employee well-being.


Come April 2022, and Googlers will be able to avail up to six months of parental leave. This is not the only positive change in Google’s leave policy. The tech giant is also offering its full-time employees more time for vacations!

Instead of the earlier 12 weeks, employees at Google will be able to avail 18 weeks of parental leave. The employee giving birth can take 24 weeks of parental leave instead of the earlier 18 weeks.

Starting April 2, Googlers will also be allowed to take up to eight weeks of caregiver leave. This is double of what was earlier allowed.

Employees will now enjoy more paid vacation time, that is, a minimum of 20 days annually. Earlier, they were allowed only 15 days.

Googlers have been used to many perks at work. However, with work from home becoming the norm, the tech major has been looking at ways to prevent stress and burnout, retain its employees and keep them happy.

This recent overhauling of its leave policy is a step by Google to bring some relief to the generation of employees that is caught in the web of office work, domestic chores, handling kids and taking care of the elderly. With the remote working culture, the Company realised that this juggling of work on all fronts has been taking a toll on the employees’ physical and mental health. These additional leaves are aimed at helping relieve some of the stress. The improved leave policy will give Googlers more time with their families, children and their newborn.

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