Apple policy allows staff to speak up about harassment, discrimination, working conditions

The tech major has reviewed its non-disclosure agreements and put an end to concealment clauses for all employees, including contract workers


In an attempt to make the workplace safer and friendlier, Apple has reviewed its non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Following this, the tech major has acknowledged that a collaborative culture can only be ensured if there is honest communication within the organisation and amongst the members of the staff, including leadership. As a result, all employees, even those working on contract will be able to talk about workplace-related issues, harassment, and so on.

An ex-employee of Apple had alleged that the tech company engages in “coercive and suppressive activity” that does not allow employees from getting together to speak up about harassment or any other work-related issues within the organisation. This had put the spotlight on the NDAs and pushed the Company to review the language and clauses, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission intervened and investigated the matter.

According to The Verge, Apple will no longer stop its employees from speaking up about harassment at the workplace or discrimination. The language in the NDAs has also been modified accordingly allowing employees the right to express themselves openly, discuss their work conditions and report harassment or discrimination of any kind. Resources have been made available to the employees so that their concerns can be addressed.

Separation agreements across Apple offices in the US already follow the language used in the Silenced No More Act of California.

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