Apple’s retail staff to get more parental leave, vacations and paid sick leave

The enhanced benefits will be enjoyed by all full-time as well as part-time staff in the US


Apple employees in the US can look forward to more paid sick leave, vacation days as well as parental leaves.

As per media reports, Apple will double the paid sick leave for its full-time and part-time employees. The move will allow its staff more time for mental and health leave or attend to their family members who need support. Starting April 2022, it plans to allow its part-timers the benefit of emergency backup care for children or the elderly.

That includes doubling paid sick days (up to 12 for full-timers), allowing people more time for mental health leave or taking family members to the doctor. Part-time employees will also gain access to economical emergency backup care for children or elderly relatives.

Those who have been with the Company for at least three years will now be eligible for extra vacation days every year, reports Bloomberg. Part-timers will also be able to avail six days of paid leave for vacations. The parental leave for part-timers has also been extended to up to six weeks with pay. New parents will now be allowed to increase their working hours gradually in the first four weeks of their return to work.

These benefits have yet to be officially announced, though.

In December last year, Apple was in the news for reportedly offering some of its top engineering talent huge bonuses as incentives to stay on with the Company.

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