Are job listings being posted on X?

It is reported that X will soon introduce a job search feature on the platform for users


Users of X (which was formerly Twitter) will soon be able to find jobs suited to their qualifications directly on the social-media platform.

In July, there was a screenshot of the ‘Twitter Hiring’ feature posted by an app researcher, informing that it is a free feature where organisations will be able to advertise vacancies on their respective company profiles to draw quality / suitable talent. These verified firms will be permitted to post up to five jobs on their profiles.

News of this feature doesn’t really come as a surprise because Elon Musk has always been keen to create an app that offers everything under one umbrella.

A recent post on X Daily, an account that carries Twitter-related news, revealed that the handle ‘XHiring’ has already started posting job listings. Presently, these job openings are only visible on the web and to users in the US alone.

Chris Bakke, who used to be the CEO of Laskie, the job-matching platform acquired by Twitter acquired a couple of months ago, has clarified to curious X users that the platform will soon launch a job search features which will help match job seekers with suitable opportunities that match their qualifications.

Recently, there was news of X deleting all images from the website that were posted between 2011 and 2014. It appears that there is an issue with displaying old posts with attachments, such as images and hyperlinks. However, it is not known for sure whether these were removed on purpose or whether it was a technical issue.

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