British employers offer incentives to get staff back to office

In addition to cash incentives, employers are offering free food


While PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is offering cash incentives to its employees in Britain to get them to return to office, Goldman Sachs is offering free breakfast and lunch! Looks like British employers are trying new ways to get their workforce to resume working from office after about a year and a half of working from home.

American bank, Goldman Sachs, is even offering its staff at the London office ice creams in the afternoon. It has also waived off gym fees for its 6,000-strong workforce in Britain.

A cash bonus of £1,000 has been offered by PwC to its 22,000-strong workforce in Britain in the month of September. The professional services company has told its employees that they are free to use that amount for whatever purpose they wish to. While the firm has not categorically stated that only those who come in to office will be paid the bonus, it has suggested that the employees may use the amount to cover the cost of travelling to work.

Meanwhile, in Canada, starting October 1, PwC, has mandated that all its employees, contractors, partners and visitors get themselves fully vaccinated before entering the office. PwC has officially adopted a hybrid work model in Canada. The firm believes in employees doing their assigned jobs well, irrespective of where they are doing it from. However, it is working on making its offices suitable for collaboration and focused activities in preparation for hybrid working.

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