Chinese company apologises to staff for meagre increment

The company, Meixin, apologetically told its 6,000 employees that it could not afford more than 50 yuan per month pay hike owing to the uncertain economic conditions that prevail


Meixin, a Chinese door-manufacturing company, is grabbing headlines for apologising to its staff for the low pay hike given to them. The Company granted an increment of merely 50 yuan, that is, about Rs 606, per month to 6,000 employees and explained to them why the hike was so measly.

Instead of being disappointed with the small hike, the staff has appreciated the honesty of the Company. They realised and understood why the Company could only afford a small hike of just 50 yuan, given the fall in income last year and the prevailing economic scenario.

As reported by South China Morning Post, the employees received an internal communique expressing regret at being able to afford only a negligible pay raise.

According to Liao, HR manager, Meixin, the Company was unable to fulfil its business targets last year. With COVID-related lockdowns, the slowdown of the market, especially the housing space, and power cuts during the tough summer last year adding to its woes, the Company had faced a lot of challenges.

She informed how happy the workforce was because the employees were all aware of the challenges the Company had to overcome, and were glad the management had been honest with them.

At a time when most employers try to convince their employees to be grateful for whatever hike they receive, Meixin’s apologetic tone has been lauded by people on social media as well.

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