Foxconn luring workers with signing bonuses ahead of iPhone 13 launch

The Chinese manufacturing partner of Apple is on a hiring spree to tackle the peak season


Foxconn is offering attractive signing bonuses to its new hires. In fact, it is offering about $1,235 as signing bonus to former employees who are interested to rejoin its factory in Zhenzhou, China.

Apple’s Chinese manufacturing partner is on the lookout for talent for the production of iPhone 13. It needs workers to help assemble the model. Till May 2021, it was offering about $773 to new workers, which is a normal practice, before the launch of any new model. Now, however, it needs more resources to handle the demand surge in the peak season, that is, just before the launch of the iPhone 13. That explains why such high bonuses are being offered, first time ever in over a decade.

Workers will be paid the bonuses after they have contributed to the iPhone assembly work for four months and stayed on till the peak season is over.

After launching the iPhone 12 in October last year, Apple has been quick to announce the launch of iPhone 13. The new model is reportedly going to be similar to iPhone 12, with minor changes in the display, upgraded camera, a new matte black shade, faster A15 chip and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Pegatron, another iPhone manufacturer, has also increased the recruitment bonus at the Shanghai Pegatron Factory.

Till last year, any assembly line worker could earn between $772 to $926, in a six-day work week.

The pandemic did affect production and result indelays. In fact, in some units, especially in India, production dropped 50 per cent when workers tested positive for COVID-19.

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