Google’s US employees to get tested before entering office premises

Entry will be allowed only to those testing negative and wearing surgical-grade masks


Mandating vaccination for employees earlier, Google will now ask all of its US-based employees, who are entering offices to get a weekly COVID-19 test. That means, entry to the workspaces will only be granted after they have tested negative and are wearing surgical-grade masks to offices.

This is part of the Company’s latest efforts to curb the spread of the virus. The tech major is reportedly implementing new temporary health and safety measures for employees working on site in the US.

The tech giant has also revealed that it will provide free at-home testing option to the employees along with in-person testing options. The testing isn’t meant for the employees alone but is also applicable to their immediate dependents and household members.

The Company has taken a very stern stance when it comes to prevention of a COVID spread within. It had earlier announced that those choosing to stay unvaccinated will lose pay and risk being fired, eventually. The Company has also earlier issued a memo to its employees, warning them of the consequences of not getting inoculated. It had planned to be fully functional from offices in January, but has had to push back the office reopening dates due to the increasing intensity of the pandemic.

Googlers had been asked to submit vaccination details positively by December 3 of 2021. People with medical or religious reasons were exempted from the same. Employees had been officially informed that those who were unable to get vaccinated and had not sought exemption would be put on an ‘paid administrative leave’” for 30 days. If they still fail to get their jabs, the Company would put them on “unpaid personal leave” for the next six months, after which employment would be terminated.

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