Govt workers in Japan will witness historic pay hike in 2023

Japan's central government workers will experience a historic salary surge—the largest increase in 33 Years; average annual pay will rise by 105,000 yen


On August 7, 2023, Japan’s national personnel authority proposed the most significant increase in starting monthly salaries for central government workers in 33 years. The recommendation suggests raising salaries by over 10,000 yen for both university and high school graduates.

Due to the second consecutive year of recommended raises in both monthly salaries and bonuses, the average annual pay is anticipated to surge by 105,000 yen.

For fiscal year 2023, which began last April, the national personnel authority proposed to parliament and the cabinet an average increase of 0.96 percent, or 3,869 yen, in government employees’ monthly salaries. This percentage increase is the highest since the 1.02 percent rise seen in fiscal year 1997. Additionally, the agency recommended raising their annual bonuses by the equivalent of 0.1 months’ salary, bringing them to 4.5 months.

Furthermore, the agency aimed to broaden a selective four-day workweek programme, allowing employees to take an additional day off each week to offset longer working hours on other days.

According to a survey conducted by the agency, the average monthly salary of government employees amounts to 404,015 yen, which is 3,869 yen lower than the average monthly salary in the private sector. Moreover, public-sector bonuses were found to be 0.09 months’ salary lower than those offered in the private sector.

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