Is Meta asking managers to become individual contributors?

As part of its endeavour to ‘flatten’ and become more efficient, the Company that owns Facebook has reportedly resorted to this measure


It is reported that Meta, the Company that owns Facebook and Instagram, is asking its managers and directors to work as individual contributors. If they are not agreeable, they have the option to quit. This process of ‘flattening’ is Meta’s way of ensuring more efficiency within the organisation say media reports.

Individual contributors do not have teams or people under them. With nobody in their charge, they are expected to code, design and research.

Though not officially announced, reports say that senior managers at the top ranks will be giving specific instructions regarding the same to their subordinates in the coming weeks. Interestingly, regular performance reviews are also going on at the Company presently.

In November 2022, Meta had let go 13 per cent of its workforce. Ever since, the employees have been uncertain about their future and anxious about their jobs being axed.

There have been many instances where Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Meta has indicated that the pace of growth is slower than was expected, and that overstaffing is an issue. Earlier this month, he had put the middle managers of the company on notice.

As a meeting not long ago, Zuckereg had indicated that Meta does not wish to see sets of managers managing other sets of managers, who are managing the employees. While he has been expressing his desire to see 2023 as the ‘Year of Efficiency’, the announcement has only made the workforce more anxious.

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