List salary range on job postings: California state

Till now, employees could request to know about the salary range of the position being applied for


Till now, employees in California were informed of the salary range of the position they were applying for, only on request. Now, all employers in California will have to list the salary range for all the jobs or roles advertised, even remote-working positions.

In Washington too, employers will be required to mention the wage / salary range in job postings, and also describe the compensation and benefits on offer, in general. The Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act (EPOA) has been amended starting January 2023.

As per EPOA, employers will have to offer equal pay to employees ‘employed similarly’. Pay may vary basis training, education, work experience, skill/merit, and so on.

Employees cannot be deprived of career-advancement opportunities basis gender. Employees should also be allowed to inquire about wages and indulge in open discussions regarding pay with other staff. Employees exercising rights granted by EPOA should be able to do so without fearing retaliation.

Among other things, employers are prohibited from asking about salary history of candidates. In Connecticut, the law requires employers to share the salary range for a position if an applicant demands it, or at the time of making an offer — whichever happens first. At the time of hiring or at the time of changing to a new role or position, employers will have to provide the employees the salary range. They must also provide it if the employees request for it.

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