Nagarro plants 10,000 trees to honour its 10,000 employees

The global digital engineering company is looking for freshers for its offices across 26 countries


Nagarro, the global digital engineering company, has crossed the 10,000-employee mark, and it planted 10,000 trees worldwide, to mark the achievement. This is the Company’s way of honouring each member of the Nagarro team across the world and also showing its commitment to creating a more healthy planet. This act is Nagarro’s way of showing that it cares for its people and for the environment.

With demand on the rise due to heavy digitisation taking place across the globe, Nagarro is still actively hiring in India, Sri Lanka, Austria, China, Germany, Mexico, Romania, the UAE and the US.

The Company hired more than 1,000 professionals, including freshers, in the first quarter of 2021. There is a training programme in place for the fresh graduates.

That the Company strongly believes in diversity and equity is clear from its women’s hiring drive across India. Over 6,000 freshers have already been interviewed over the last couple of months. About a 100 women were added to the Nagarro team in April, 2021, while 50 more will be onboarded in July.

Its senior management comprises people from a dozen nationalities.

In December 2020, Manas Fuloria, co-founder, Nagarro had stated that the startup had been growing at 15 per cent, globally, and that the trend was expected to continue next year too. It has always maintained that its India team plays a significant role in its growth.

In 2019, Nagarro posted a revenue about €400 million of which 57 per cent came from Europe, 33 per cent from the Americas and 10 per cent from other parts of the globe.

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