“Not laying of 75% of workforce”: Elon Musk tells Twitter staff

Musk has reportedly changed his bio to ‘chief twit’ ahead of closing the acquisition deal


Looks like Elon Musk will not lay off 75 per cent of the Twitter workforce after all. Musk apparently communicated the same to Twitter staff. However, there is no public /official confirmation of the same.

Musk’s acquisition of the social-media platform is scheduled to be formally completed tomorrow, that is, 27 October 2022. However, ahead of closure of the deal, Musk reportedly visited the Twitter headquarters at San Francisco carrying a sink in his hand. “Let that sink in,” said his post on Twitter. He has also reportedly changed his bio to ‘chief twit’.

Earlier, there were media reports claiming that post the $44 billion acquisition deal, Musk would cut 75 per cent of the Twitter staff.

Aware of the huge cultural difference between Tesla and Twitter, many employees of Twitter have already left even before the completion of the deal. Many experts have predicted that several more Twitter staff members will call it quits post closing of the deal.

Musk too had indicated many a time in the past that Twitter has excess staff. Therefore, he may not be averse to the idea of shrinking the workforce in order to save costs.

Recently, in an open letter, some employees at Twitter had communicated to Elson Musk that it would be very “reckless” of him to lay off 75 per cent of the workforce post taking over Twitter.

They went on to say in the letter that such a reckless act would adversely affect Twitter’s ability to function and serve public conversations, and will also erode the trust that users and customers place in the social-media platform.

The letter called Musk’s layoff plan a transparent manner of intimidating the workers and clearly stated that it would be difficult for employees to work in an environment where they were likely to feel continuously threatened, insecure and harassed.

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