Number of women alleging sexual harassment goes up to 8, at Tesla

The auto manufacturer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently


Close on the heels of two women filing a suit against Tesla, alleging sexual harassment, six more women have filed separate lawsuits against the auto maker with similar allegations.

These six women — who work at the Fremont factory and service centre of Tesla, in California — accuse the men who work with them of passing inappropriate remarks and comments about their clothes and their bodies. The women allege that they even had to put up with catcalls and inappropriate touch to the extent that some women resorted to wearing lose clothes to protect themselves.

One of them discloses that she tied a shirt around her waist to cover and protect her backside and even set up partitions with boxes at her workstation.

These women allege that the HR failed to take action against the male co-workers. All they did was move the women to a different location within the factory to work. Some women accuse even the managers of similar abusive behaviour, because of which they did not feel comfortable discussing the matter with the HR.

The two women who opened the Pandora’s box of harassment issues were Jessica Barraza and Erica Cloud, not very long ago. While the former complained of catcalling, inappropriate physical touch and lewd remarks, the latter filed a case alleging sexual harassment and retaliation.

That is not all. Tesla had to cough up $137 million when a Black employee had accused the Company of discrimination and racism at the plant.

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