‘Remove present board members and I’ll return’: Ousted CEO, Open AI

Sam Altman was unceremoniously removed from his post by the board during a Google Meet last week, but now investors and employees are pushing for his reinstatement


Sam Altman, former CEO, OpenAI, who was removed from his post in an unceremonious manner last week has hinted at a return but set a condition for the same. In fact, he has set a deadline for his reinstatement and wishes to see the present board of directors of the company who fired him earlier, removed by then.

Last week, Altman was removed from the CEO post following which Greg Brockman, co-founder and president, OpenAI, had also departed.

Altman was asked to leave following a review that indicated that he wasn’t always frank and honest when it came to communicating with the members of the board. The board had apparently lost their confidence in him as a leader. The ouster, during a Google Meet, had come as a total surprise to both Altman and Brockman.

Investors, however, are reportedly trying to reinstate both of them and eager to see Altman back in the CEO position. Employees have also been pressurising for his return, with some of them reportedly threatening to quit if he wasn’t brought back.

Both came to the headquarters of OpenAI in San Francisco to discuss their reinstatement on the invitation of Mira Murati, interim CEO.

Media reports say that Altman is seeking the removal of the members of the board that fired him and has put this forth as a condition for his return.

Altman posted a picture of himself on social media, wearing a guest badge while entering the headquarters of the artificial intelligence research firm with the caption “First and last time i ever wear one of these”.

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