Sony accused of sexism, overlooking women for promotions

Ex women employees of Sony have alleged discrimination at the workplace


Emma Majo, former employee of Sony’s PlayStation unit in the US, had alleged that the Company discriminated against women. Now, about five months later, Majo has been joined by eight other former women employees who also claim having faced discrimination.

In her lawsuit, Majo, who used to work as an IT security analyst, accused Sony of firing her because she raised her voice against the culture of hostility and gender bias at the organisation. Now, eight others have added their voices and made the case stronger.

One of the eight has worked with Sony for about 16 years. She said that she was forced to stop breastfeeding her twins very early because the conditions at work did not allow her a private lactation room.

These women feel that Sony was not capable of handling the toxicity at the workplace and that at least ten women had left the California office because of the unfavourable work environment. One of them states that despite repeated complaints the senior HR executive she had approached had failed to address her issues. The said HR executive of course was a male.

In the sexism lawsuit, these women have stated that women are purposely ignored when it comes to promotions, citing an instance wherein 70 men were considered for promotion as against merely four women! The allegations range from overlooking ideas mooted by women to discriminating against mothers, sexual harassment and depriving women of opportunities they well deserved.

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