Go First prepares employees for relaunch, plans underway

The airline company provided assurance to its employees that starting from now on, salaries would be disbursed during the initial week of every month, offering enhanced financial stability and predictability


Go First, having obtained clearance from the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, is now preparing for the relaunch of its operations. The airline’s management has reached out to its employees to gear up for the upcoming restart. Rajit Ranjan, head of operations, has specifically requested employees to participate in a comprehensive four-hour refresher session focused on monsoon operations. This training aims to ensure that the employees are well-prepared and equipped to handle the specific challenges posed by the monsoon season.

The letter further conveyed that the airline will resume its operations as soon as it receives approval from the directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA), which is the regulatory authority for civil aviation in India. The letter emphasised the importance of employee availability for flying duties to facilitate a seamless and successful relaunch. However, it is worth noting that the airline is yet to submit its relaunch plan to the DGCA for review and approval.

The regulatory body clarified that as of now, no action plan with definite timelines has been submitted by the airline. This indicates that while there is a willingness to restart operations, there is still work to be done in terms of finalising the details and timelines of the relaunch.

The airline needs to finalise its fleet and routes, ensuring that they align with their operational requirements and market demand. Additionally, securing adequate funding is essential to meet financial obligations to vendors, oil companies, and airport operators. 

Recent reports have suggested that Go First is targeting the end of May to restart its back-end operations. However, sources reveal that many employees, including pilots, have expressed reluctance to return to work until they receive their pending April salaries.  

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