Goldman Sachs introduces paid ‘family care’ leave for miscarriage

The investment bank will offer 20 days of paid leave in case of loss of pregnancy by self, spouse or surrogate


Multinational investment bank, Goldman Sachs, will now allow employees to avail of 20 days of paid ‘family care’ leave in case of a miscarriage. The leave can be availed if there has been a loss of pregnancy for the employee herself, or for a spouse or even surrogate.

This family care leave can be availed even in case of a loss of an immediate family member, such as spouse, partner or child. In case of loss of someone from the extended family (non-immediate), then five days of paid leave can be availed.

Employees of the Bank can also avail a six-week unpaid leave as part of its global sabbatical programme. However, this can be availed only by the employees who have been with the Bank for 15 years. Such employees can take an additional two weeks off every five years of service, after a 15-year tenure.

These benefits are aimed at helping employees of the Bank prosper on the personal as well as professional fronts, through its various programmes focussing on mental health, energy optimisation and resilience.

The Bank provides monetary assistance of up to Rs 14 lakhs under its ‘Pathways to Parenthood Programme’ wherein employees can be ensured of support for adoption, fertility treatment or any related procedures.

In India, the Bank has its largest office in Bengaluru, after New York, employing over 7,000. Its Hyderabad office has a workforce strength of about 350.

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