Google to delay ‘return to office’, insists on vaccination

Googlers will not return to office before October 18


Googlers will have to get themselves inoculated before returning to office. Google’s plan to bring its employees back to office in September has been pushed back further, given the rise in the number of cases in the US. The Company now wants all its employees to be vaccinated before returning to work from office. All staff members will have to produce a proof of vaccination to enter the workplace.

While this policy is being rolled out in the US presently, it will soon be applicable to Google offices the world over, depending on the local situation and availability of vaccines across regions.

Google is not the only organisation that is insisting on vaccination before return to office. Facebook and Lyft have also mandated that all employees have to be inoculated before returning to office.

Sunder Pichai, CEO, Google, has communicated to the staff that this policy will put all concerns about the spreading infection and the Delta variant in the community, at rest. He has also announced the extension of paid leave for parents and caregivers till the end of the year.

Google employees had been earlier told that the Company would embrace a hybrid model of work, with 60 per cent of the workforce working from their offices and about 20 per cent working remotely. However, the arrangement was not well received by the workforce, most of whom were eager to continue working from home.

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