Google’s pay disparity exposed; Black staff paid $20,000 less 

The data also revealed the earnings and bonuses of all 12,000 employees in the U


Recently, a leaked internal report from Google Pay highlighted the ongoing pay discrepancy that exists between the black employees and their white counterparts at the Google. The report states that there is an alarming $20,000 pay gap among the Google staff.

The information pertains to the year 2022 and was voluntarily provided by the employees.

The report revealed that Black employees, on average, earn about $20,000 less than their white colleagues, and gender pay gaps persist across various departments. Additionally, the document also contains comprehensive data regarding the earnings and bonuses of more than 12,000 US employees, including software engineers, business analysts and sales personnel.

The data also showed that the tenured staff members draw higher salaries. The highest recorded base salary was attributed to a software engineer at level 7, earning $718,000 in base pay and a total compensation package of nearly $800,000. On the other hand, most software engineers seemed to earn base salaries in the range of $100,000 to $375,000

Interestingly, women in Google’s sales team appear to earn more, on average, than their male counterparts.

However, Google’s reported average ‘minimum base salary’ is relatively low in some of the most expensive regions of the country. In New York City and Silicon Valley, for instance, the average ‘minimum base salary’ is $48,000, which may barely cover basic expenses in the city in 2023.

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