India capable of being global skilled workforce supplier: PM

Indian workforce is all set to have a definitive global presence in what looks to be an exciting time ahead for the employment sector


Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted India’s capability to emerge as a leading supplier of skilled workforce across the world. Speaking via video conferencing at the G20 labour and employment ministers meet in Indore, he highlighted the imminent transformative changes in the employment sector and stressed the importance of formulating responsive strategies to adapt to these rapid transitions.

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, Modi emphasised technology as being the driving force behind employment opportunities and commended India’s success in creating numerous technology related jobs.

He also advocated for skill development through advanced technologies and processes, promoting skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling as essential components.

The Prime Minister showcased India’s achievements, such as the ‘Skill India Mission’ and the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana,’ which have skill-trained over 12.5 million young Indians. He specifically emphasised the importance of focusing on industry 4.0 sectors, including artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, and drones. He predicted that a globally mobile workforce would become a reality in the future.

He also emphasized the crucial role of the G20 in promoting global cooperation and urged member nations to engage in sharing statistics, information, and data regarding employers and workers, enabling evidence-based policies for skilling, workforce planning, and better employment opportunities.

The Prime Minister highlighted the emergence of new categories of workers in the gig and platform economy, which proved resilient during the pandemic, offering flexible working arrangements and income sources. 

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