Laid-off Amazon employee gets new job with 30% pay hike

An Amazon software development engineer revealed how he got a new job with salary hike even after being laid off by the e-commerce company


In a recent podcast, YouTuber Riddhi Dutta interviewed Arideep Dutta, who has formerly worked with TCS and Amazon.  Dutta was amongst the 18000 employees who lost their jobs earlier this year in a lay-off drive by the e-commerce giant. During the interview, he revealed how he landed up getting a job with a 30 per cent hike in salary, despite these being tough times for job seekers.

According to Dutta, even though he had already anticipated what lay ahead, the news of being laid off still came as a shock to him.

In his tweet, he mentions how he was laid from Amazon, his “dream company” and how his journey after that “to get the next offer was a roller coaster ride” for him. However, the ride ended well with him getting “multiple offers from various PBCs such as Flipkart, Nutanix” and so on, and that too”with a 30-40 per cent hike even in this recession.”  

After being laid off from Amazon, he shared this news on LinkedIn, following which he received some offers and interview calls.

He goes on to say how he applied to several companies and how they tried to offer comparatively low salaries, simply because he had been laid off.

Dutta assures that there are companies out there that need talent and are ready to offer competitive salaries too.


  1. I’m also working in Amazon since 4 years, I also want a higher post with higher salary i have all experience of all departments

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