Google announces layoffs of contract workers who provide support for YouTube

These layoffs coincide with the recent unionisation victory of a group of Cognizant workers who support YouTube music


Google has recently made the decision to reduce its contract workforce responsible for providing support to YouTube TV and managing tasks related to YouTube’s social media accounts, according to a report. The affected workers, who are primarily employed by Cognizant, were informed of the cuts at the beginning of May, and their employment is set to terminate gradually between May 31 and the end of July.

The number of workers impacted by these changes has not been explicitly specified. However, estimations suggest that around 120 to 150 Accenture workers may also be affected by these layoffs.

Notably, the timing of these job cuts coincides with the recent unionization victory of a group of Cognizant workers who support YouTube music.

In response to the situation, Cognizant has explained that adjusting the workforce to accommodate ongoing projects is a common practice when working with clients. As part of a “bench” policy, the affected workers will be provided with a period of five weeks of paid time, during which they will have the opportunity to undergo training and explore potential internal job openings before their employment is ultimately terminated.

The precise impact that the reduced workforce will have on YouTube and its various properties remains somewhat unclear at this time. However, it is evident that this decision by Google to reduce its contract workforce in these specific areas has significant implications for the affected workers and raises questions about the future of support services for YouTube TV and the management of YouTube’s social media presence.

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