Google fires head of mental health and wellbeing

Maczko shared her layoff experience in a LinkedIn post, coming at a time when the rest of the Google employees are facing difficulties due to the recent round of layoffs.


The tech sector has experienced layoffs in the last quarter of 2022 and this trend has continued into 2023 with the announcements of significant rounds of layoffs by Google and Amazon. Among the 12,000 employees affected by the layoffs at Google was Cristin Maczko, the head of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Maczko had been with the company for 15 years, holding various analytics and finance roles before leading the Mental Health and Wellbeing team in 2021.

In a LinkedIn post, Maczko shared her experience of being laid off and expressed concern for the remaining employees who are now facing uncertainty due to the layoffs. While it is unclear if the Mental Health and Wellbeing wing will continue to function, Maczko’s post indicates that ‘many’ in the team have been let go.

The impact of the layoffs on the remaining employees has been significant, affecting morale and causing uncertainty about the future. A Google employee who recently shared their observations on the company’s morale ten days after the layoffs stated that morale is “okay” but has declined in the cloud division. This has led to concerns and questions from current and prospective employees about the stability of employment at the company.

Overall, the situation highlights the need for companies to consider the impact of layoffs on both the affected employees and the remaining workforce. The current environment may not be the best time for individuals to pursue employment at Google, especially in the cloud division. Maczko encouraged those who remain in the Mental Health and Wellbeing team to continue their important work, as the Googlers need their support now more than ever.

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