LinkedIn begins layoffs in recruitment department

As tech industries struggle with economic downturn, LinkedIn follows suit with layoffs in the recruitment department.


Following Microsoft’s decision to lay off close to 10,000 employees, LinkedIn has begun layoffs in its recruitment department. The exact number of employees impacted has not been disclosed, but the company has confirmed the layoffs.

This may come as a surprise to many, as LinkedIn had not revealed any plans to cut jobs. The company has also announced a hiring slowdown, which was first announced in November 2022. Although the CEO of LinkedIn had stated that there were no plans for layoffs, the company will not be hiring employees in certain verticals.

The layoffs at LinkedIn have been extended from Microsoft, which had earlier announced a 5 per cent workforce reduction due to the global economic slowdown. Tech industries have been letting go of employees for the last year, and LinkedIn is the latest company to do so, following Amazon’s firing of close to 18,000 employees and Google’s letting go of 12,000 people.

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