Vodafone to cut around 1000 jobs in Italy

The job cuts will mainly happen in the customer care department


Vodafone intends to reduce its workforce in Italy by approximately 1,000 jobs. The decision is part of a broader cost-saving initiative aimed at overhauling its operations by the telecommunication giant, reported Reuters.

According to two union officials who spoke to Reuters, the information was revealed during an internal meeting held on Thursday between company representatives and unions in Italy.

The report further reveals that the job cuts will occur primarily in customer care operations.

Vodafone, like other telecommunication companies operating in Italy, has been struggling with a difficult market for several years. This market is characterised by intense price competition, which has led to a decline in earnings.

The officials stated that discussions with unions are expected to commence in the coming weeks as part of the negotiation process.

However, the Union, Fistel CISL, expressed its discontent over Vodafone’s plan to reduce its workforce, reported Telecoms.com. The union stated its opposition to the scheme and blamed not only Vodafone but also the entire Italian telecoms market. According to Fistel CISL, the Italian telecoms market is flawed due to tariff reductions resulting from excessive competition, and a lack of industrial vision for a sector that is driving the digital transition in the rest of Europe. The union made this statement on Thursday.

Reportedly, the union’s strategy is to focus on retraining employees to adapt to continuous technological advancements. They emphasise that there is no alternative approach, neither at Vodafone nor in other companies within the sector.

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