Log9 introduces ‘trust’ policy, infinite leaves

Employees across levels at Log9 can take as many leaves as they wish throughout the year


Log9, the Bengaluru-based startup, is offering its employees infinite leaves throughout the year. Under its ‘trust’ policy, its employees can take as many leaves as they want throughout the year, no questions asked. Anyone from the workforce, irrespective of rank or position can avail this benefit, from full-time interns to seniormost executives and founders.

The deep-technology and advanced-battery technology startup is giving maximum flexibility to its employees to take paid leaves. The long-term objective is to boost productivity, motivation, and engagement amongst its squads/tribes with such policies.

There is no limit to the number of days or hours that Log9ers can take off, as long as they complete their work. No approval is required to take these leaves either, as the Company expects its employees to act in a responsible manner.

The objective is to make each individual accountable for his/her own work, and also to ensure that ownership of one’s well-being within the organisation rests on the individual and not on the managers. The move is expected to allow employees to develop a ‘co-founding mindset’ and act responsibly.

Akshay Singhal, co-founder and CEO, Log9, reiterates how the organisation has, over time, “realised that in order to develop a co-founding mindset amongst our people, it is imperative that we trust all our people as the extended members of the founding team itself”.

Also, in order to fulfil the goal of ‘pioneering responsible energy’, it is essential for all our people to act responsibly, and this ‘trust policy’ “puts our people in-charge of the company’s goals and their own well-being. This represents a fundamental shift in empowering the individual instead of exercising control through management layers and approvals for leaves,” explains Singhal.

The Company believes that “growth can be infinite when its people grow professionally and personally”. By allowing them the freedom to take leaves whenever they want to, Log9 hopes they will “have greater levels of work-life”, and “be more forthcoming about when they need to take time off to recuperate and de-stress!

According to Raman S R, chief people officer, Log9, the ‘Infinite-Leave Policy’ is another step forward for enabling greater wellbeing of our employees”. It is the Company’s way of letting “our tribes know that we trust them with everything they do. Going forward, as an organisation that actively listens to its people, we are rethinking all our HR policies and practices from our people’s perspective and aligning them with our core values.”

Log9 is doing its bit in the fight against climate change, by offering batteries that can be charged faster, last longer and offer higher performance and safety.

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