Maharashtra Government committee to probe alleged IT layoffs


The mass layoffs in the IT sector have resulted in nationwide protests.

The recent mass layoffs in IT companies have led to huge protests from the employees of these companies, as well as employees who got laid off recently. On Saturday, August 29, employees from various IT firms gathered at the Freedom Park in Bengaluru, to express their dissent to the employers and the government for these mass layoffs.

In Maharashtra also, IT employees under the banner of the Forum for IT Employees (FITE) put forward their request before the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday, to look into the matter of illegal layoffs by their employers. Taking note of the problem, he assured the formation of a committee to probe the illegal bulk layoffs by these IT companies.

The employees reported that their ouster is never explained and the company’s claim of non-performance being the reason for dismissal is not correct or true. Employees are being called randomly for meetings and asked to leave the organisation, without being given any clarification.  

The employees have requested the chief minister to form a committee to probe the issue. They also requested the presence of employees’ representatives on the board, so that their voice is heard genuinely.  

FITE is said to have given the details of over 25 employees who got ousted recently to the chief minister, where the exact procedure and reason given for their ouster was not mentioned. The employees have also approached the Labour Commissioner in Pune and other cities with their grievance.

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