Maharashtra government seeks employee support for relief fund

The state govt has appealed to employees to donate a day's salary to the Chief Minister's relief fund, which is used to provide aid to those affected by disasters and support individuals battling major illnesses


The Maharashtra government has made appealed to its approximately 15 lakh employees, urging them to be generous and donate one day’s salary to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The fund is meant to provide vital assistance to those affected by natural disasters in Maharashtra and across the nation, as well as to extend financial aid to economically disadvantaged citizens who are battling major illnesses.

Indian Express reports that the Maharashtra State Gazetted Officers’ Association had informed the state government in April 2023, that they were ready to give up one day’s salary towards the CM Relief Fund. Following this act of generosity, the Maharashtra government decided to request all the state government staff to make a similar contribution to the fund. Employees have been requested to contribute one day’s remuneration from their June 2023 salary to support the fund.

However, with no ongoing natural calamity or pressing situation, some officials have questioned the necessity of such an appeal at this moment. While government employees have contributed to the fund in the past, some do not see any need to do so right now, when the State seems to be facing no calamity, disaster or distress situation.

During the pandemic, many people including celebrities had contributed generously to the CM’s relief fund.


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