MCD to reduce job positions in 14 departments

These job cuts aim to improve efficiency, but there are concerns about transparency in the process


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has recently announced its decision to reduce the number of job positions within its 14 departments. This move comes after the MCD sought the expertise of a well-known multinational firm, EY (previously known as Ernst & Young), to evaluate its operations.

The restructuring process, which will be effective from July 1, will affect different departments in various ways. While some departments will see an increase in job positions, others will experience a reduction in the number of roles available.

Among the departments affected, the engineering department will be impacted the most, losing a significant number of positions. Other departments that will be affected include horticulture, town planning, central establishment, finance, and the press and information wing.

The decision to cut jobs has sparked different reactions among politicians. Some have approved the proposal, while others are expressing concerns about the lack of open discussion and are calling for more transparency in the process.

Officials from the MCD have clarified that the reduction in job positions will not lead to significant immediate layoffs. Instead, it will mainly affect the organisation’s future hiring plans. The total workforce is expected to decrease from its current number to a new total after the restructuring.

The primary objective of the restructuring is to streamline operations and improve the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the MCD. The evaluation carried out by EY aimed to identify areas where changes could be made to achieve greater effectiveness in the organisation’s functioning.

As the implementation date approaches, there will be a need for sensitivity and careful handling of the situation to support those who may be impacted by the job cuts. 

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