Xoxoday SaaS commerce platform acquires FamousEnuf

Xoxoday is a technology platform that helps organisations manage rewards, incentives and loyalty programmes, whereas FamousEnuf is a tech-powered activation engine.


Xoxoday, a SaaS commerce platform that facilitates managers build happy teams and ensure team engagement, has acquired FamousEnuf, which is an activation engine that allows organisations to activate their customers, staff, associates, partners, and so on, to generate extremely engaging organic content.

While Xoxoday also offers Storefront, an API-driven digital rewards platform that simplifies rewards, incentives through a global catalogue of over 5000 experiences, 1000 gift cards and 10,000 perks, FamousEnuf allows employers to not only manage and run customer and employee-engagement programmes but also their rewards and recognition schemes and affiliate programmes. It also offers the option to share content on social-media platforms, such as Facebook.

The Xoxoday and FamousEnuf combination will be a hit with talent managers who seek new and innovative ways to engage their staff. In addition, FamousEnuf’s new popularity score and fame score is also a useful tool for assessing talent and managing teams.

Xoxoday has more than 500 clients across Australia, APAC and the US.

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