Meta’s new AI Chatbot to boost workplace efficiency

Meta Platforms has granted access to the Metamate AI chatbot to a specific group of employees within the organisation


Meta is soon to unveil its highly anticipated AI Chatbot set to revolutionise the workplace. Metamate AI Chatbot has undergone training using internal data to provide support to employees in tasks like summarising meetings, writing code, and debugging features, ultimately advancing all the employee work processes.

As per the reports by The Verge, Meta Platforms has granted access to the chatbot to a specific group of employees within the organisation, indicating that it is still undergoing final testing and development, with its complete release yet to occur.

Furthermore, the reports suggest that Meta engaged in extensive discussions with Microsoft and OpenAI to determine the optimal power source for the chatbot. However, ultimately, the company opted to utilise its own internally-developed in-house model for the chatbot’s capabilities. Besides, this decision aligns with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision, which he shared in February, of forming a specialised product team dedicated to generative AI.

Moreover, he emphasised that the company’s imminent focus would be on creating innovative tools that foster creativity and self-expression. In an earnings call, Zuckerberg also unveiled their intentions to incorporate generative AI into their platforms. The company aims to introduce AI-driven chat experiences on WhatsApp and Messenger, along with visual creation tools for Facebook and Instagram.

The introduction of Metamate represents a significant stride in bringing this vision to life, as it enhances the abilities of Meta’s employees and elevates their productivity. Ultimately, Meta envisions a future where their applications seamlessly integrate AI agents, offering billions of users useful and valuable features.

This ground-breaking development signifies a major milestone in the global adoption of artificial intelligence and has capabilities to transform the workplace by providing employees with a diverse range of invaluable support.

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