New salary structure for SpiceJet’s pilots

The pandemic has forced the low-cost airline to pay its pilots on the basis of fleet utilisation, for the period April 1 to July 2020


Amidst the recent developments in the aviation industry, SpiceJet has introduced a new salary structure for its pilots. For the first time in the history of the aviation industry, Spicejet’s wingmen will now be receiving their payouts based on the fleet utilisation of the airline.

This decision comes into effect on an immediate basis with the management having  communicated to the pilots, that from April 1 to July 2020 – they would be paid only for the hours flown, at the rate of  Rs 6,020 per hour.

As reported by Moneycontrol, the official communication to the pilots states, that the payment structure will be “subject to the Company achieving flying capacity of 26,000 hours per month.”  Upon achievement of full operating capacity, the pilots will be entitled to a monthly remuneration of Rs 1 lakh, inclusive of the April to July period.

Once the target of 26,000 hours of flying is accomplished, the pilots will be entitled to a new compensation structure, from August 1, under a 21-day work pattern, which, as per officials, will be explained to them when the time comes.

Usually, the salary of pilots ranges from Rs 4.51 lakh to Rs 4.96 lakh a month. A senior executive from the industry states that now the captains will be suffering a loss of Rs 1.5 lakh, as compared to the usual monthly salary.

A senior pilot from the industry explained that within this module, there may be times when the pilot flies for ‘x’ number of hours and still does not get paid. That is, even though 26,000 hours a month seems doable, what if a pilot falls short of this target by say a 100 hours or less? Then, it would be unfair if the pilots do not get paid.

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