n!Factorial shuts down after 7 years

The last three years have been quite tough for the HR tech firm says the founder


Arjun Krishnan, CEO & founder, n!Factorial, has tweeted that he has decided to shut down the HR analytics firm, which was launched seven years back in Bengaluru.

As per Krishnan’s tweet, the last three years have been quite challenging for the Company during which he tried his best to sustain his undertaking, but failed to do so.

“The last 3 years have been very tough and I have tried everything I could to make my venture a success. I have been unable to do that and hence this decision,” reads his tweet.

In the last seven years, nFactorial Analytical Sciences launched various analytical tools for employee and customer experience. The Company provided various analytical services offering wellness, training and development, peer to peer recognition and 360-degree employee feedback solutions to corporates.

It also offered solutions to companies to help them identify the best candidates. Ever since its inception, the Company has rolled out various tools including n!Visage, n!Gage, n!Courage and n!Grapevine to enable organisations to listen to their employees and customers, reward and recognise talent and open informal networks for employees to uncover influencers, and cliques inside the Company.

Krishnan admits that it has been a great journey for him as an entrepreneur and that he has learnt a lot in the last seven years. He reveals that he is looking for a senior position in a data and analytics company.

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