Opposition to new wage agreement withdrawn: Air India pilots’ union

Air India has made various changes to enhance its competitiveness in the market, such as increasing flying allowance rates and introducing superior employee insurance and other benefits that were not offered before


Air India’s pilots’ union has withdrawn its opposition to the new wage pact and employment agreement in what is being considered a major standoff.
The Indian pilots’ guild (IPG)  and Indian commercial pilots’ association ICPA), in a joint letter sent to their members on 11 May 2023, informed them that they are now free to sign the new wage contracts proposed by the new Tata group management of Air India.

This announcement comes after a prolonged stalemate and escalating tensions caused by the management’s apathetic attitude and lack of cooperation in addressing the unions’ concerns over the past year.

In the previous month, the airline owned by Tata Group revealed a fresh pay system for its pilots and cabin crew. However, the staff was disappointed with the revisions, especially with the promotion of captains with more than four years of experience in management.

The company sent a contract compilation of applicable policies and existing rules, introducing changes wherever there were differences, to have a performance- and merit-based culture, as would be the task of any world-class and professionally run airline.

Throughout the past year, Air India has been actively listening to the feedback and concerns of its flying community through diverse forums and continuous communication.

The airline has also introduced several changes to become more competitive in the market, including higher flying allowance rates, best-in-class employee insurance, and other benefits that were not previously available. In addition, there is more than a 40 percent increase in the allowance for trainers, additional compensation during training, and the addition of a fixed amount towards salaries to recognise the contribution of experienced staff.

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