Salesforce offers upskilling opportunities for women

The company has extended upskilling opportunities in many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India and more


Salesforce is providing upskilling opportunities for women across several countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and India. The company has surpassed its commitment to offer 500,000 upskilling opportunities to women under the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) Upskilling Initiative. Initiated by the U.S. Department of Commerce in September 2022, this program aims to provide women in the Indo-Pacific region with access to digital skills training, fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

In its inaugural year, Salesforce has already delivered over 3 million opportunities and expanded its upskilling initiatives to various countries, including India. In India, Salesforce has partnered with key organizations such as NASSCOM to provide training on Salesforce through the NASSCOM Future Skill Prime Portal.

Salesforce has collaborated with Giftabled, Skillible, and Pride Circle to empower specific communities digitally, focusing on individuals with disabilities, women returning to work, and contributing to the digital empowerment of LGBTQ communities.

Through these partnerships, Salesforce actively fosters skills development and inclusion across different population segments. The company collaborates with governments, public sector entities, and non-profit organizations to offer upskilling opportunities to women throughout the region.

These educational initiatives leverage Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform, along with diverse workforce development programs, expert-led training sessions, self-paced e-learning courses, and certifications tailored for roles within the Salesforce ecosystem. Women engaging in these upskilling initiatives gain entry to the Trailblazer community, providing them with opportunities to acquire Salesforce skills alongside peers and experts, as well as access opportunities within the broader Salesforce ecosystem.

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