Spinny offers friendly HR policies, 12-day menstrual leave

The online platform for purchase and sale of used cars offers financial aid of up to Rs 35,000 for staff members adopting an orphan.


Spinny, the full-stack online platform for sales and purchase of used cars, has gone ahead and introduced friendlier human resource (HR) policies for its employees. Not only will its women staff members be able to avail 12 days of menstrual leave in a year, those adopting a child will receive financial help of up to Rs 35,000. That is not all, except for those involved in field work, Spinny has allowed its employees to work from home till December 31, 2020.

Some of these policies have probably never before been offered in the auto space in the country.

About 20 per cent of Spinny’s workforce consists of women, for whom this menstrual leave will be of immense benefit. These 12 days of menstrual leave will be allowed to all the women, over and above the existing leave policy, without any conditions.

The Company’s family adoption policy will also ensure that the employees are able to offer a new lease of life to orphans. For this, Spinny has collaborated with an NGO, to offer financial aid of up to Rs 35,000 to staff members who adopt an orphaned child. In addition, mothers who go in for adoption will be able to enjoy 200 days of maternity leave if the child is less than a year old or 100 days if the child is older. Fathers who opt to adopt a child will be allowed seven days of paternity leave

While most of the staff members have been asked to work remotely till the end of this year, the field staff are operating in the field, with sanitisation and social distancing norms in place. Their safety is being ensured while going for home deliveries and test drives.

The Company ensures that employees’ opinions are taken into account while making decisions, so that they enjoy a sense of belongingess. These progressive policies are aimed at making the Spinny workforce deliver their best performance.

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