TCS faces criticism for staff relocations; NITES calls for investigation

TCS was criticised for abruptly relocating 2,000 employees with a two-week notice, causing concerns and alleged repercussions for objectors


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is facing criticism for relocating more than 2,000 employees to different cities without adequate notice or consultation. The company has sent transfer notifications to nearly 2,000 associate employees, providing them only a two-week timeframe to relocate.

The company has also instructed employees to manage their own travel and accommodation arrangements, with the promise of reimbursement at a later date. Allegations from employees suggest that those who opposed the transfers are now facing repercussions, as the IT firm has currently restricted their access to office systems.

The Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), an IT labour association, has received grievances from 180 associates. According to NITES, more than 1,500 employees are unwilling to relocate or follow the transfer orders. These transfers are a standard practice that associates undergo during their training period. Most of the associates who have been issued transfer notices have just one to two years of work experience, as per NITES.

NITES has sent a letter to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, objecting to TCS’ ‘unethical transfer practices’.

Harpreet Singh Saluja, the president of NITES, expressed serious concerns about TCS’ practices which are unfair according to NITES. Therefore, the Senate has requested the Ministry of Labour and Employment to investigate TCS’s actions and take necessary steps to safeguard IT workers from such unethical practices.

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