TCS tracks employee attendance, asks staff to produce med certificates for WFH

Employees following the hybrid model have been asked to register on the roster chart


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has grabbed headlines yet again for promoting the work from office culture. The Company has been very openly critical about the 100 per cent work-from-home culture always. It has promoting a hybrid work model wherein it expects its employees to come to office at least three days in a week.

As per the latest development reported by TOI, the Company has asked its employees to furnish a medical certificate or reports of treatment and diagnoses, if they wish to work from home. These proofs, reports or certificates will be examined by TCS’ internal panel of doctors and validated. Only if this team of doctors lends their approval will the employee be allowed to work from home. However, even if such a panel recommends work from home, such employees will still be required to come to office if their project or work requires their physical presence.

That means, work from home will be allowed to employees on a case-to-case basis.

The fact that TCS does not encourage a 100 per cent work-from-home model is clear from the mails that employees have received. It is reported that the HR has warned the employees that after 10 October, if employees are found to be violating the thrice-a-week-from-office order, they will have to face administrative action and may even be forced to go on leave.

That is not all. The Company has started tracking the attendance of its staff, and those who tend to not follow the arrangement are being asked to roster themselves.

While a third of TCS’ staff is working from office, the Company expects that all the employees will be working from office by end of the year, as per the requirements of their projects.

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