TCS will hire 35000 more freshers by the end of FY22

The IT major has already hired 43,000 freshers till now


As of now, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the Indian multinational IT services firm, which employs over half a million people and is the second largest employer in India after Indian Railways, has already hired 43,000 freshers. As per the Company, it is planning to add 35,000 more freshers by the end of the second half of this year.

With this, TCS will end up hiring 78,000 freshers this financial year. As per the firm, there has been a tremendous demand in talent with a surge in the number of projects received by the Company. Till now, with a constant and smooth flow of talent supply, TCS has been able to meet the talent demand-supply needs of the company.

Though the Company has seen an upward trend in the attrition rate, which stands at 11.6 per cent— an increase from 8.6 per cent —it has the lowest attrition levels in the IT services industry in India, compared to other players.

Tata Consultancy Services is planning to bring back all its employees to office. The senior-level leaders have already started working from the physical office and the company will start calling all other employees in a staggered manner later this year. Seventy per cent of the workforce of TCS, is fully vaccinated and 95 per cent have received at least the first jab.


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