Funds easier to obtain than tech talent

Tesco is struggling to find the right talent with knowledge of new technologies in India.


With new technologies taking the business world by storm, the talent required to execute technology projects is in great demand. Unfortunately, the supply is limited as the UK-based retailer, Tesco, has come to realise.

According to its chief technology officer, it is easier to obtain funding for technology projects than to get the right talent to execute them.

With so many companies including global retailers setting up their offices in India, and trying to hunt for talent from within the country, the supply of talent is naturally unable to match the demand.

Tesco’s 3800 strong workforce in India comprises 1400 tech workers, who work in tandem with its technology teams in the UK and Europe.

Having begun its operations in India about five years ago, Tesco at first concentrated only on services before beginning to build products externally with the support of global teams.

While many grocery and retail companies have had to face huge losses and have ended up cutting down their investment in technology, especially with e-commerce firms mushrooming all around, Tesco has been updating tech. It has been gearing up to face the challenges thrown its way by online fresh grocery retailers.

It is not just Tesco, but the dearth of tech talent is being faced by most companies. Not surprising either, because it is reported that India, Venezuela, China, and the Philippines top the list of countries with the most tech talent rushing to the US for technology jobs.

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