India’s agriculture-sector jobs to be transformed by AI and IoT

A BIF study reveals that 28 lakh jobs will be created in rural India based on AI and IoT in the next ten years.


India’s agriculture sector is all set to undergo massive transformation, with the Union Agriculture Ministry signing a Statement of Intent (SoI) with IBM India to provide weather forecasts and soil moisture information to Indian farmers.

According to a recent study by Broadband India Forum (BIF), a company devoted to enhancing the entire ecosystem to enable broadband delivery across the country, more than 28 lakh jobs will be created in India’s rural areas, with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) based applications. Apparently, this will happen within a decade. The study was undertaken by BIF in collaboration with Electronics Skill Council of India, the Agriculture Skill Council and the Healthcare Sector Skill Council.

The maximum jobs (21 lakh) will be created for those in the agriculture sector, and the remaining (7 lakh) jobs for the rural healthcare sector. With the implementation of 5G technology, in about three years, the jobs will be created at a greater pace.

Technology has had an impact on all sectors, and agriculture is not one to be left out. Satellite mapping, electronic marketplace, livestock traceability, climate-sensing stations, product traceability, agriculture drones and similar applications are capable of bringing about massive transformations in the agriculture sector. They will not only help make farmers smarter, but will make it possible to predict agriculture output. This, in turn, will improve the lives of farmers.

At the village and farm levels, IBM’s Watson Decision Platform will be offering agricultural solutions using AI and weather technology. It will provide weather forecasts and soil moisture information, which will enable farmers manager their crops and water such that there is increased output and productivity.

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