Twitter refuses arbitration costs, faces lawsuit

Over 2000 ex-employees of Twitter claim that the company has refused to cover the arbitration cost it promised


Former employees of Twitter, a micro-blogging platform, have filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that it has refused to pay the cost of legal arbitration it agreed on.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of around 2,000 former employees in California who alleged that Twitter has not fulfilled its obligation to cover the cost associated with arbitration, despite the company asking employees to engage in arbitration for their claims.

This lawsuit is part of a series of legal actions between Twitter and its employees who were laid off when Elon Musk acquired the company last year. The micro-blogging company has been facing various allegations of unlawful acts, including failure to provide promised severance payments, discrimination based on sex, race, age, and disability, and not paying bonuses it promised.

The outcome of this lawsuit will be significant for Twitter, as it could affect the company’s reputation and financial future. 

The case will be closely observed by the stakeholders, as it could have broader implications for business practices and the treatment of employees. The resolution of this legal battle will determine whether Twitter will be held accountable for the alleged non-payment of arbitration fees.

As the proceedings continue, the outcome of the lawsuit will have implications not only for Twitter but also for other companies that mandate arbitration for their employees.

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