UAE’s SDHR organises visionary leadership training

This programme reflects  the Sharjah Department of Human Resources’ dedication to boosting local government skills and keeping them up-to-date with leadership and supervisory advancements


The Sharjah Department of Human Resources (SDHR) has organised a training programme focused on developing employees’ skills in leadership and supervisory roles. It aimed to bolster the ongoing enhancement of government services by fostering continuous improvement in overall performance.

The programme centred on the significance of preparedness for the future by investing in human resources, developing them, and honing their skills across diverse functional domains. It also introduced the notion of proactiveness, innovation and adaptability, along with their influence on transformation.

The primary objective of the programme was to address the managerial and technical facets of employees by examining the principles and approaches for achieving remarkable smart transformation in terms of production, administration and leadership. Furthermore, the programme covered the effects of transformation, anticipated future scenarios, compliance with local standards and specific performance measures and fostering a transformation-oriented work culture.

The programme offered participants a comprehensive understanding of leadership, change management and the upcoming era of intelligent institutional transformation. Additionally, the participants were trained on crafting an adaptable smart environment that aligns with rapid changes and explored the legal aspects and consequences stemming from the transformation and its outcomes.

The programme emphasised the role of such transformation in government-sector institutions, including effective management of future changes and addressing the significant factors driving radical shifts in work methodologies. It was arranged to strengthen hands-on and instructional expertise concerning cutting-edge future concepts, particularly emphasising smart and digital transformation, in accordance with the performance metrics embraced in the UAE.

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