Wipro asks staff to work from office at least thrice a week

The Company wants to start this hybrid arrangement from 10 October


After Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which has asked 85 per cent of its employees to work from office at least three days in a week, Wipro is also ready to follow on the same lines. The IT major wishes to embrace the hybrid model in the future, and has communicated the same to its employees.

The Company’s employees have received an official mail mentioning that the campus will remain open for four days in the week, i.e Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It encourages employees to work from the office for at least three days out of the four. The Company has decided to keep Wednesday as an off day to give flexibility to its people.

This hybrid model will be implemented starting 10 October 2022.

The mail further states that the Company wishes to encourage employees to start working from office at least thrice a week which will help the firm to keep the camaraderie and team spirit alive amongst the employees and the hybrid setting will also give a fair amount of flexibility to the people.

Recently Wipro made headlines when it fired some employees who were caught moonlighting. Many experts and HR leaders believe that moonlighting is one of the primary reasons why many IT and services firms in India want their employees to work from the office.

Moonlighting has been a hot topic amongst the HR community in the corporate world. Many experts have suggested that moonlighting has increased amongst employees during the lockdown and throughout the pandemic where employees have been found working for two employers at the same time. In fact, Rashid Premiji, Chairman, Wipro, also called out the act of moonlighting as ‘cheating.’ Moreover, after this statement from Premji, Wipro fired 300 of its employees who were found moonlighting and working for a rival company.

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